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Jewelry laboratory & melee screening services
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Laboratorium Gemmologiczne GEMMOLOG LAB jest jedyną i pierwszą w POLSCE firmą, oferującą tego rodzaju usługi w wymiarze komercyjnym, zachowując najwyższy światowy poziom świadczeń. Zajmujemy się profesjonalną oceną, certyfikacją i wyceną DIAMENTÓW, KAMIENI KOLOROWYCH oraz BIŻUTERII.

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GEMMOLOG LAB is  One and Only First in POLAND  fully equipped  Gemological Laboratory . There isnt any other proffesional company or public organization  like an National Assay Office  which is able to certify  Diamonds and Gemstones .  

GEMMOLOG LAB has one of the most modern Gemological Laboratories  with the most sophisticated instruments  available in gemstone science . GEMMOLOG LAB has highly experienced gemologists and is equipped with the world's most advanced instruments 

We are not the first Gemologists in Poland but unquestionably  We are First in our profession  taking into account  scale of the project , availability  and equipment . We say consequently :

WE DON'T HAVE ANY CREDIBLY COMPETITION IN POLAND  and probably in our part of Europe .


In our work , we take care  about reliable analysis in a way that won't rise  any doubt and speculations . We have well-stocked technical background  and extensive experience in the industry . We are High-Tech Laboratory. In addition we are following  and keep up date  in the valuation  of jewelry , diamond  and coloured stones market . We understand the dynamic nature of gemology and We flexibly adapt to changes .